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Warning from Windows Action Center: Avast is not up to date

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Hi JR,

Starting yesterday, one of our Windows 8.1 Pro desktops started getting a warning from Windows Action Center that Avast is not up to date. I clicked update, say Yes I trust this publisher, but nothing seems to happen. When I try to update Avast manually, it says it is already up to date.Today the same thing started happening on a Windows 7 Pro laptop. It asks if I want to update Avast, I say yes, and Avast insists that it IS up to date. I followed advice from a YouTube video by Bob G, to disable Avast shields for 10 minutes and then re-enable them, but that has no effect. Any advice on this?




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Dear Rex,

Through my research, it turns out that the actual issue is definitely a bug within the Windows Action Center, and it can present itself with either of these warnings: “A/V out of date” or “A/V not found”. This occurs with many different A/V vendors’ products, and here is the easiest way to deal with this issue for Windows 7 systems:

  1. From inside the Control Panel, open the Window’s “Action Center”
  2. Click “Change Action Center Settings”, and then, under Security Messages, clear the check box for “Virus protection”, and click OK.
  3. The Avast anti-virus will now self manage updates and will use the Avast tray icon for all anti-virus updates including the “Out of date” notification.





J.R.  Guthrie


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