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Removing avast! 2014 versions to migrate to avast! Endpoint Protection

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We finally have a partial solution available to uninstall avast! ver. 2014 consumer products on many machines at once to replace them with EP products. It is a modified version of “avastclear” and is provided on an as needed basis. You will need to contact me for this tool.this.


Commands Available:




Will run the automatic mode which will remove any avast product


without any further notification or prompt. The GUI is still


visible during removal, however, all buttons are disabled. NOTE:


the tool expects the self-protection being disabled.





Will restart the system automatically (!) and without any further


notification after removal.  This is needed to complete uninstallation.


Without this argument the tool will ask the user for system restart. 


There is one other limitation: any consumer products with firewall (IS, Premier) installed on Win 8.1 will not be uninstalled properly. The product will uninstall, but if replaced with an EPP or EPSP client (with firewall), the firewall in the business product will not work. Consumer products with firewall on Win 8.1 have to be removed using their own uninstallers, one by one. Unfortunately there is no solution possible to this right now. 


Note that the user will still see the uninstall process happening, even if no input is required. We recommend to use it outside of working hours when the PCs are not in use. 


NOTE:  When the Self Defense Module is disabled, the removal tool need not be run in safe mode! To disable the Self Defense Module in version 2014:




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