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how to uninstall avast removal tool | Remove avast! for clean installation – ASWCLEAR.EXE or AVASTCLEAR.MSI

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how to uninstall avast using avast removal tool AVASTCLEAR.EXE Utility

One of the issues with all anti-virus vendors is leftovers from previous versions. To rule out this as the point of failure, I recommend a clean installation. This is a requirement when migrating from avast! consumer versions (Pro, I.S., Premium, free) or legacy Endpoint Protection to the cloud version.  There are several ways to accomplish this task: DOMAIN – If you have a Domain and are currently using legacy avast! Endpoint Protection Suite / Plus, then you can use group policy to deploy AVASTCLEAR.MSI – https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rpu32cnkc5fy54/avastclear.mis?dl=0 UNINSTALL – Uninstall the existing avast!, reboot, and delete the “AVAST Software” folders under “C:\Program Files” and “C:\ProgramData”  Microsoft uninstaller always leaves the old directories for the purpose of System Restore.  Go look, every program you have ever uninstalled is still there! REMOVAL TOOL – The last option is to use ASWCLEAR.EXE process described below. NOTE: ASWCLEAR.EXE supports all avast! versions, including consumer (Free, Pro, Internet Security, Premier) where AVASTCLEAR.MSI is for Endpoint Protection ONLY! Download the avast! removal tool:  http://www.avast.com/en-us/uninstall-utility  “ASWCLEAR.EXE” Next step is to clear the checkbox “Enable avast! Self-Defense Module”. This prevents one from having to run the avast! removal tool in safe mode! Disable Self Defense Module NOTE:  When the Self Defense Module is disabled, then you DO NOT RUN “ASWCLEAR.EXE” IN SAFE MODE image001 You must acknowledge “Yes” to fully disable the avast self-defense module: image003

uninstall avast anti-virus by running “ASWCLEAR.EXE”

NOTE: DO NOT RUN “ASWCLEAR.EXE” IN SAFE MODE:  click “NO” image006 NOTE: DO NOT RUN “ASWCLEAR.EXE” IN SAFE MODE:  click “NO” image007 On this screen, you will have to choose the version of avast! that we just un-installed. NOTE: If you did NOT change the default location during installation, then you may leave / ignore the top 2 locations as “unchanged”  If multiple different avast! versions were installed, you may close and reopen ASWCLEAR and select a different version. I have done them all before when unknown. Reboot the system after ASWCLEAR, and now you can “clean” install. Rarely, I have used this problem to replace corrupted installs Please let me what I can do to help, and have a great day! [WPSM_AC id=2250]

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