Open Cloud Security / Zenton System Guard Removal

We were successful @ removing these infections “Open Cloud Security”  & “Zenton System Guard Removal”

I always check with Bleeping Computer, as these guys are the best at R&D.  There post was from early September.   The Malware authors also checkin with Bleeping Computer to modify their code to thwart infection removal.  My (J.R. Guthrie @ Advantage Micro Corporation) “scrape” process did not work. Bleeping Computers removal process did not work.

Previous “hard core” dis-infection has dictated this process (last resort before “format C:”)

I pulled the hard drive, and connected it to a highly protected system running avast! Pro antivirus, and Malwarebytes Pro antispyware, and scanned it using a full scan with the Malwarebytes scan engine.  Now both avast! and Malwarebytes are simutaniously scanning the infected drive (Avast Software has insured that their antivirus product has stayed compliant with Malwarebytes.  After removing all found infections, I then put the hard disk back into the original PC, booted, and now was able to install Malwarebytes and scan live now!  This is always a good procedure when all else fails!

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