New Release avast! version 9 for MAC

I am very happy to announce that we’ve just released AVAST 9 for Mac.   avast! anti-virus for the Mac is a very high rated product. What’s new? A lot of things!




         Native 64 bit support including VPS


         Streaming updates


         New GUI interface for all settings


         Compatibility with all OS X versions since 10.6.8 (including Yosemite developer preview)


Internal changes


         New central messaging service


         Implemented virus statistics & heuristics reporting


         Signed program updates


         New Browser plugins integration


         Registration now uses your “My avast” account


         Enhanced scan engine with new scan service


What does it all mean? It means a stable, robust, safe, efficient and intuitive product!












J.R.  Guthrie                                      




Advantage Micro Corporation






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