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Moving the avast! SOA console database backup, restore & client settings

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When moving the avast! SOA console to a new system, if one can keep the same DNS name on the new SOA, then you should not have to touch each WS or re-deploy. Here are the Backup / Restore steps for SOA:

1. Perform the “System backup” from JOBS tab in the SOA console – Backup file “backup.dat” is created in avast! SOA’s ProgramData folder, and by default this file contains the database, license file and  some metadata. 


For Windows Vista/7/Server 2008, that location is: C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Administration Console\Backup


For Windows XP/Server 2003, that location is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVAST Software\Administration Console\Backup

2. Download and install the SOA package to the new system: http://www.avast.com/download-software#tab2 


3. Make sure to copy “backup.dat” to the root of Drive C: on the new SOA console 


4. To restore the “backup.dat”, you must use the Avast.SystemRestore.exe tool, and this must be run from command prompt (CMD must be run as administrator) 



5. The SOA restore utility is located in C:\Program Files\Avast Software\avast! Administration Console\      Here is an example in the simplest form:

Avast.SystemRestore.exe -b c:\backup.dat

So, From the command prompt C:\>

cd C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Administration Console Avast.SystemRestore.exe -b C:\backup.dat


Supported arguments are: b, backup-file                  Full path to the backup file to be used for restoration.  This setting is required.

  c, connection-string         Connection string. v, verbose                       Enable verbose output. license-file-path               Path to the license file. force                               Skip security question (the whole process will proceed without user interaction). timeout                                     Timeout of the server STARTING/STOPPING operations (in seconds). i, items                           Items to be restored (e.g. -i ‘license, database’). help                                Display this help screen. The only mandatory argument is b. This is an absolute path to “backup.dat” file. Other options, like connection-string and license-file-path are by default retrieved from existing installation of avast! SOA. Backup/Restore operations can be performed on local databases only. This means the embedded SQL “lite” engine bundled with SOA or a local “full” SQL Server instance (including SQL 2008 R2 Express). NOTE:  you cannot restore database to a different database engine. If the source SOA uses embedded SQL lite, then the target SOA must also use embedded SQL lite. So, you cannot perform the SOA restore on a file from “full” SQL over an embedded SQL (and vice versa). 


If the new SOA does NOT have the same IP / DNS name, then the avast! client will either have to be redeployed, or the SOA console settings have to be changed in each client.  This can be done several ways. 

  1. From the client, Open avast! user interface, SAettings, Troubleshooting, avast! Admninistration console, and enter the Server name / IP address for the nes SOA console: 



These settings also exist in the “avast5.ini” file, which can also be edited: 



The other option is to re-deploy, using the “Force reinstall (existing)” setting: 





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