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Avast Protection

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite | Avast SOA

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite

Those in search of the finest Internet security systems and antivirus software routinely turn to quality products such as Avast Endpoint Protection Suite. While other antivirus companies offer a wide variety of products, Avast makes available reliable and dependable solutions that offer genuine results. The company is so advanced that many other antivirus software companies actually copy the technology that has been developed by Avast. From anti-root kit technology to boot time scans, Avast software offers impressive solutions.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, trusted antivirus system, Advantage Micro Corporation is your one-stop shop for all of your computer protection needs. As an Avast Distributor and Platinum reseller, we take pride in offering this award-winning software to businesses and consumers around the nation. We are avast! Sales and Support Specialists; we are the absolute best in Avast antivirus tech support!

Avast Managed Endpoint Protection and Premium Business Security

The Avast managed Endpoint Protection / Premium Business Security versions provide the most comprehensive protection from viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits and other threats to your computer’s safety and performance.  We also have Avast antivirus wholesale opportunities for our resellers, and our sales and support team is ready to show you just how valuable great tech support is.  Avast is the number 1 used and most trusted antivirus software in the world. We have 3 times more registered users than any other brand.

Avast Antivirus for Business and Enterprise

Your business relies on computer technology for greater efficiency and better performance, which in turn, leads to higher profits. Businesses large and small know that their computers are an essential tool for their operations, and a valuable asset in running a truly successful enterprise. However, far too many businesses are at risk, because they are using inadequate or out-of-date antivirus software.

All Avast Business Antivirus versions are lightning-fast and will protect your business from overt and covert threats. With 32 years of antivirus experience, Advantage Micro Corporation will assess your business, and provide you with the specific antivirus package that is perfectly tailored to the size and scope of your needs. From installation to support and beyond, you’ll receive our invaluable expertise and outstanding customer service.

Why Avast and not Other Antivirus Vendors?

Avast is the first to develop new technology. They also do no advertising, meaning all profits go back into research and development. Avast was 1st to implement many new and useful features such as a boot-time scan, and effective anti-rootkit technology. In February 2003, all viruses became root kits. All systems became infected, no matter what Antivirus was running. Symantec had NO idea what to do. The only 2 antivirus companies that had a provision to deal with rootkit infection were Avast and Panda. Avast loaded this by default where Panda required a custom install and did NOT load by default.  After 20 years of supporting Symantec, the answer became clear!

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