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Intuit QuickBooks automatic backup vs scheduled backup

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Intuit QuickBooks automatic backup vs scheduled backup: J.R. does both, and both is best! 


From with QuickBooks, select: File, Save Copy or backup, Backup Copy, Next:



Select “Local backup”, then Options:




Select the location for the Auto Backups to occur. I like to set “Remind” option to “1”, this way


I am asked to create a backup every time QuickBooks is closed. I also limit the total number


of local backups to 10. Then this warning message is expected:  


“The company file for ADVANTAGE MICRO CORP is stored on a drive in a remote computer.


QuickBooks may not be able to backup all files associated with ADVANTAGE MICRO CORP


(such as custom icons, templates, etc.)”



Next I like to set Scheduled backups from Local Backup, select “Next”


Select “Only schedule future backups”, and Next:  




The “Backup automatically” settings and options we have already done (“Options” shows our previous settings in the right pane)


Select “New” under “Backup on a schedule” (you can see my settings are already entered):




The “Schedule Backup” settings are now entered.  This schedule runs weekdays only, at 8PM.  Notice that I am using a different directory.  The purpose of this auto backup


Is to provide the current QuickBooks database in a different directory to be synced to a remote system using LogMeIn Backup ($39 per year) 





Last you are prompted to enter your Windows Username and Password!


Congratulations! When things go wrong, you can never have enough backups!






J.R.  Guthrie                                      




Advantage Micro Corporation






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