Installing QuickBooks the right way!

I have been selling and suppoerting Intuit’s QuickBooks programs for many years now.  And let me tell you, it is chocked full of bugs everywhere.  Here is the best advice you’ll ever get when installing QuickBooks.  DO NOT use the existing media that came with your package at this URL:

We found QuickBooks Pro 2010 would not even install in a brand new HP Enterprise grade notebook.  We would follow through each error, apply the fixes, then the error message would be different.  After many attempts, I downloaded a fresh, updated version “R12”  (lots of bug fixes here) and was able to complete the installation.

NOTE:  All versions of QuickBooks prior to 2010 are not Windows 7 compliant, so if they are installed in Windows 7, they must be run in XP Compatibility Mode!

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