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HP’s expiring ink cartridges EXPOSED

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What is ink expiration and will it make my HP inkjet printer stop working? Why does it exist? There is a computer chip that is built into HP ink supplies that can make them stop working on a certain date. There are also computer chips built into all of HP’s laser toner catridges. According to HP, “Basically ink expiration is a built-in date on which certain HP ink cartridges will stop working. Air ingestion and water evaporation can cause ink to change over time. In printing systems where the printhead and ink supply are separate, older ink can adversely impact the printhead and the ink delivery components within the printer. With ink expiration, however, HP can prevent this from happening.” “If the cartridge still has ink on that date, it either stops operating or displays a warning message ..” According to my HP customers, “It was just working, and that $*%# catridge is full” “It’s planned obsolesence to make us buy more ink.” HP printers WITH ink overide procedure: Printers HP Officejet Pro 8000, 8500, K550, K5300, K5400, K8600, L7400, L7500, L7600, and L7700 Series, HP Photosmart 3110, 3210, 3310, 8250, C5180, C6180, C6200, C7180, C7200, C8100, D6160, D7160, D7200, D7360, and D7400 series, HP Photosmart Pro B8800, B9180, HP Designjet 510, 5100, 8000, 9000, 10000, L25500, L65500, LX600, LX800, T610, T1100, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, Z6100 series, HP CM8050 and CM8060. HP printers with NO ink overide procedure HP Officejet Pro K850, HP digital Copier Printer 610, all HP Business Inkjet, HP Officejet D series, HP Officejet 7100 series, HP Officejet 9100 series, HP Professional series (2000 and 2500), and HP Color Inkjet cp1160 and cp1700 All other HP printers. Some cartridges cease to function 12 months after the “Warranty Ends” date, or 18 months after the ink cartridge is installed, whichever comes first. Other cartridges cease to function 24 months after the “Warranty Ends” date, or 30 months after the ink cartridge is installed, whichever comes first. Do not expire. Ink cartridge Override is performed by following instructions on the printer, in the user manual, or in the ink cartridge expiration message that comes up on the computer screen.

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