How to update the avast! Small Office Administrator SOA


To update the avast! Small Office Administrator SOA, the first step is to identify the Program version. To update the console to current version, the SOA installer is executed, and loaded tight over the top of the existing console, and all settings will stay.  1st verify console version in SOA, Admin, About avast!: 

 If console update is required, use this installer for Endpoint Protection Suite using SOA console. NOTE: use the installer without the mirror: without mirror with mirror (only for fresh installations)   

2nd step is to verify the avast! mirror is up to date, under Admin, Mirror:

If the mirror is NOT up to date, then let’s go to jobs, and update the mirror:

Choose “Update Server Definitions” and “Run now”  Now we need to check the revision of the clients. To do this, “right click” the avast! tray icon, and choose “About avast”:

If the clients are out of date, from the console, edit the group, go to “Updates” and set Program updates to “Automatic” and click “Save”:

Now the clients will automatically update to the new client revision on the default  240 minutes “Auto-update interval” If you want to do this immediately, you can adjust this setting by opening the “details” tab, and adjust the time to a shorter interval. Do not forget to adjust the time interval back to 240 minutes when done. On the average, there are about 4 updates per day.  If you wish to obtain more aggressive updates, then it is recommended to enable “Streaming Updates” That way, you can be protected, from an infection, that an avast! user clicked on half the way around the world, in as little as 5 minutes. Also, for best protection, AutoSandbox should be enabled. Remember, AutoSandbox is the only thing sitting between us, and Polymorphic infection!  



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