How to strip Windows 7 and tune for SPEED!


This is worthless as spyware gets (this should be a RED flag about Security Essentials!). Defender doesn’t stop infections while noticeably slowing down systems, so TURN IT OFF. The spyware issue is much better dealt with using Malwarebytes pay, or by virtualizing your browsing using avast! Pro

Control Panel, Windows Defender, Options, un-check “Start Defender with Windows” J.R, will skip this step and disable the “Windows defender” service (see below under SERVICES)


Programs, Turn Windows Features ON / OFF, uncheck:

1st Remote Differential Compression

2nd Tablet PC (unless it has a touch screen)

3rd Windows Meeting Place

4th Gadgets



ANIMATIONS unnecessary

Control Panel, Ease of Access, Make it easier to focus on tasks, check box “turn off all unnecessary animations” 



UNDER Control panel, Administrative  Tools, Services, now you can see all the services that are “started”, and disable all unnecessary services:


Readyboost (nobody uses a USB drive for speed)

Offline files

Windows Live Login helper

Windows Defender

Windows Media Center (disable all, nobody uses it)

Windows Media Player Network Sharing





J.R. removes AERO by disabling Desktop Window Manger Session Manager  but you can leave the Themes service – so Windows 7 still looks pretty. Extreme stripping for speed, such as Vista, or slow XP systems, the the Themes service is also disabled.



From Control Panel, Mouse, Pointers, under “Scheme” select “Windows Standard extra large (a mouse theme is a scheme)  We have proven application incompatibility with animated cursors. “Windows Standard” is the native Scheme.



From “RUN” (Windows key + R), “msconfig”, Startup, start un-checking unnecessary startup applications:

Groove monitor

Intel (hkcmd.exe) + (igfxtray.exe) + (igfxpers)

Microsoft Intellipoint




Google update

Messengers ( messengers)

all scanning engines (OCR, paperport, etc.)






From Control Panel, Network, change adapter settings, now right-click any network adapter object (may only be one), and then click Properties, and Un-check these boxes:

Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver

Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder

QoS Packet Schedular.


Disable any unused network adapters from Control Panel, Network, change adapter settings, now right-click on each unused adapter listed and click disable


Right-click Computer, properties, Advanced System Settings, Performance, select “Custom” then start un-checking boxes:

Animate controls

Animate windows

Animations in taskbar,

Fade/slide menus

Fade/slide ToolTips

Fade out menu

Show shadows mouse

Show shadows windows

Show translucent

Show Windows contents

Slide open combo boxes



Disable all toolbars, and their corresponding BHO’s and set default home page to

From Tools, Internet Options, Programs, Manage Add-ins, Currently Loaded Add-ins, and disable all unnecessary add-ins: J.R. leaves:

Adobe and Java 

J.R. removes:

avast WebRep, leave anti-phishing

M$ Groove GFWS

M$ Groove Folder


Send to OneNote




J.R. removes all accelerators, all search providers and all their engines.  J.R. always sets the defaults search provider and Home page to Google


Remove Unused Programs

Programs you don’t use are like guests who have overstayed their welcome: You’re much happier after getting rid of them.


Free Up Disk Space

Hard drives accumulate junk. You’ve got temporary folders, backup files, the Recycling Bin, and who knows what else. Always do this prior to disinfection  and defragging. J.R. uses ATF Cleaner & CCleaner


About Cleaning the Windows Registry

J.R. does not clean the registry without a reason.  It is like a raw egg, it’s extremely fragile, and the more you handle it, the faster you will break it.  When an if this is required, we use CCleaner registry tool.  This may need to be run more than once.  J.R. backs up the registry before touching. This is only performed when required by:


System corruption

System cleaning

BSOD analysis


J.R. Guthrie

President and Failure Analysis Engineer

Advantage Micro Corporation