How to properly install avast SOA using SQL 2008 as the external database

When installing the avast! Small Office Administrator (SOA) on a system when there is an existing SQL installation, we must 1stcreate the avast! database in that SQL prior to SOA installation. The SQL username is “sa” and the database name is “avast_sbc_db” (you will need to know the SA password to proceed with this installation)  Note:  A completely new database can be created using the SQL Server Management installed with SQL Server 2008 R2 (or higher) with either Express or full versions:

After the database creation, next is to custom install SOA (you must right click the installer, and run as administrator) The following URL is a screen by screen walk through of an SOA installation. The expert install, required for external SQL database, is just past halfway through this document:

During a custom installation of SOA, we would then choose external database:


This last document is how to properly configure and deploy avast! Endpoint Protection Suite to a mixed server / workstation environment:



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