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How to make an Acronis FULL image backup with Validation, step by step!

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This is how to create an Acronis FULL image backup with Validation.


This is a Disaster Recovery Backup for bare metal restore using Acronis True Image 2013.


This process will give you a guaranteed image for recovery from hard disk failure, corruption, or infection. 


Make sure to plug in your external USB hard disk where you plan to put your backup we are now creating.


This must be done prior to opening Acronis True Image:





Select the “Back up system” at the bottom left:







Notice that Drive C: and System reserved are check boxed already. 


Both are necessary to create a bootable recovery image in the event of hard disk failure. 


Also note that my backup destination drive E: is actually named “BackUp’ so you can easily recognize it as the target destination.


Click on “Disk backup options” at the very bottom left:







Under the “Advanced” tab at the top, choose “Validation”:







Select “Validate backup when it is created”, and then choose the “Backup scheme” tab  upper left:







Under “Backup method” choose “full” then click OK:







Next step is make sure to choose the destination drive, and remember, my drive named “Backup” is E:







And the last step is to appropriately name the “Backup name” whose crappy default is “My Partitions”. 


I use the date + machine designator; today is April 23rd, 2014.


So my Backup name for today will be “042314JR” (date and machine name)


And lastly, click “Back up now” at the bottom right.


If you wish to go away, go to bed, or go on vacation, you may choose “Shut down computer after completion”







Notice the previous backup on this drive (I rotate several drives) named “011614JR”


The green bar below the backup “The backup is valid” is your guarantee!


Congratulations, just one step in making one’s self bullet proof!








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