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“avast! license violation” being sent to Business’ using avast! Free

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The avast! free for home use is in specific license violation if you use your computer for a home business. That is a commercial use. I have personally witnessed mass piracy of our free product in business. I have knowledge of computer vendors loading avast! free in corporate environments. I have had customers say to me “your free product is too good, you just lost a customer” It’s the same as walking into Walmart and stealing a DVD. It seems that because it is online, it is OK to steal. In the avast! 4 Free, the network shield was missing. This made absolutly no difference at all to home users. I extensively tested the avast! free for home in 2003 in a network environment. It kept my PC as clean as avast! Pro did. I have previously made a request to AVAST Software executives to remove the network shield in the current version of avast! Free for home. Their is not enough differentiation between the Free and Pro products. To the home users, this will make absolutly no difference in protecting your systems! THIS NEEDS to happen! To the real legitimate avast! Free for Home users. If you are in compliance, then you have nothing to worry about. The 5 count default (to get the email notification) is a calculated number where the huge majority of home users are less than 5. I believe that more than 90% of those recieving the email will be in license violation. Don’t blame AVAST, just understand that are being ripped blind! To the Business illegitimate users of avast! Free for Home, how do you feel when somebody steals from you? Are you a pirater. The answer is yes. And Microsoft knows it too. Do the right thing and pay for what you use. The product is now so inexpensive, anybody can afford it! I will give you an additional 30% discount for DOING the RIGHT thing! To AVAST Software, please remove the network shield from the free product (again). It will absolutly make no difference to the home users protection. Sincerely, J.R. Guthrie

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