Facebook’s hidden settings exposed!

I logged into Facebook yesterday, and up popped a message ” You have sent to many “friend requests” to people you do not know!  WOW, I never send friend requests, ever! How the hell?  After some research, I found “friend request settings” and it was set to “everyone” (1st icon on the Facebook toolbar)  I changed this to “friends of friends”, but I don’t want to send requests to them either, so the culprit has to be somewhere else!  I next looked under accounts (last icon on the Facebook toolbar) and then “Apps”  Low and behold, there were over 10 different applications that had “Facebook Rights” to perform all these different functions without my knowledge (many I have never heard of). I deleted all but one App that I use called Hoot Suite. I then clicked “edit” and up popped 10 or so different settings that are set my default to full control, including the setting (This App can send friend requests to “friends of friends)!  I then deleted all but the single function that I desired. I suggest that all Facebook users go to Apps and see what power is bestowed to whom, and kill everything you do not need.  This is quite appalling how these defaults are set, and where did they come from, without my knowledge!