antivirus for ipad – Do I need antivirus on my iPad?

antivirus for ipad – iPad Anti-virus Issues and iPad Virus Protection FAQ

There are two sides to the iPad anti-virus issue, so let me explain both sides, with cases.

Apple iPad devices are fairly well protected even without any antivirus for ipad. There is not too much to worry about as long as your iPad is not “jail broken” and crashing. The Operating System, called the iOS, is a “closed system.” Unauthorized applications or viruses only have a limited amount of interaction with the iOS. While this reduces the need for an iPad anti-virus/anti-spyware software, it doesn’t totally eliminate it. All operating systems contain vulnerabilities. It is quite possible (almost a guarantee) for a security exploit to cause unexpected problems. Remember, computers are a “Disruptive Technology!

1) For cases like these, you can install a security software like HidePad so that your core system remains immune at all times. As the name suggests, HidePad is not a typical antivirus for ipad or any other like antivirus software but a security and encryption app. It “hides” your iPad from potential network threats and helps you browse the Internet anonymously. $14.99 per month subscription rate (current special is $8.99 per month)

2) Searching the Apple Apps Store for antivirus for ipad or iPad antivirus / malware doesn’t net much. There are very few apps. Two freebies from McAfee are created to serve as “virus threat” news alerts. A third, Anti-Virus Detective from radius180, is a $.99 purported “malware decision tree” for helping identify malware. The AVG app (I believe was best of breed) has been discontinued. See article below for antivirus for ipad details:


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  1. Joe Mot
    October 24, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    There is a great piece of software for iPhone and iPad called Cloak: It affords privacy protection for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod users who are on the go. Watch on YouTube:

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