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How to create and implement a Bitdefender Security Server Virtual Appliance

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The goal of this article is getting you setup and running with a Security Server Virtual Appliance from Bitdefender. Having this configured correctly will help insure the security of machines in your workforce, as well as give you some piece of mind.

Under packages, you will see the default Security Server installer, which is a Linux virtual machine.  Create a VS and install it

Then, in the Policy>Antimalware>Security Servers, choose the Security Server:

Then the setting to change the scanning default is in the installation package:

You’ll want to do a Custom “Scan Mode” (It’s set to “Automatic” by default) and then you can specify which scan modes to do depending on a VM or a physical machine:

If the agent is already deployed, then adjust the scan settings through a Tasks>Reconfigure Client:

Once these configurations are saved, you should be good to go. Each client machine should have the correct settings defined and the Bitdefender Security Server Virtual Appliance should be configured correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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