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Bitdefender Firewall Troubleshooting

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How to Troubleshoot your Bitdefender Firewall

I have found that defining the trust level of your Network solves most Firewall issues. You will need to know the MAC Address of your gateway, and the instructions for Bitdefender Firewall troubleshooting are at the bottom of this article.

“The firewall automatically applies a profile based on the trust level. You can have different trust levels for network connections, depending on the network architecture or on the type of the adapter used to establish the network connection. For example, if you have sub-networks within your company’s network, you can set a trust level to each sub-network.”

The trust level settings for your Network are defined in your Policy:

Bitdefender Firewall Troubleshooting, the first step is to set Firewall to “Log verbosity level = High” in the Policy:

Log verbosity level. Bitdefender security agent maintains a log of events regarding the Firewall module usage (enabling/disabling firewall, traffic blocking, modifying settings) or generated by the activities detected by this module (scanning ports, blocking connection attempts or traffic according to the rules). Choose an option from the Log verbosity level to specify how much information the log should include.

There are two pertinent reports, the Blocked Applications report and the Firewall Activity report that should looked at first, to see what is going on:

The Firewall Log in the client is in plain text and is located here:

Here is how to find your Gateway MAC address for setting the Network Trust level:

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