Bitdefender Business Security Relay requirements – revised

Here are the requirements for the Relay install. Port is 7074 inbound and outbound for the internal communication. External is HTTPS/ HTTP port 80 & 443 to the cloud.

–       Relay is recommended to be installed on a physical Windows server. The only modules that get installed on a server is the Antimalware and Advanced Threat Control, No other BitD modules, NO BitD firewall

–       The server the relay is installed on, needs to be able to see all the computers in the network

–       You need to be able to ping and access the C$ on all the computers from the server

–       The only firewall that needs the ports open is the relay server! The Bitdefender clients do not need to have the ports opened. For Windows Server O.S. you will need to manually open port 7074 inbound and outbound open on the Windows firewall for the server relay.  If installed on a desktop O.S., the Bitdefender client installation will disable the Windows firewall and will allow the communication to the relay (and no ports will need to be opened!)

–       Make sure the previous Antivirus is not password protected and the uninstall is then silent (some A/V requires user intervention no matter what).  A reboot is required at this point to remove the previous A/V from memory.  A reboot is usually not required for the Bitdefender installation.

–       You need domain credentials to push install. When entering credentials during for the installation task, use both formats Admin@domain and domain\username

Bitdefender Business Security and Advanced Business Security (cloud console) Communication Ports

How to open Windows Firewall port 7074 on Relay


Right Click the Inbound Rules and click on New Rule


Click on Ports then click on Next


Enter port 7074 as TCP click Next


Allow the connection click Next


Leave this default click Next and name it

Then repeat the same steps under Outbound.