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Avast for Business – How to remove modules / shields from the cloud console

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Avast for Business – How to remove modules / shields from managed clients using the cloud console While inside the console, under Network, Settings, and chose the target Settings Template. Select the Active Protection tab, and you will notice 3 dots to far right of each module. This allows you to uninstall that module from the template, so it will not be installed on the system. The module must be ON in the template for you to be able to uninstall: 1 Notice that one of the only components that is NOT listed is the SafeZone Browser. This was at least initially due to the SecureDNS module was imbedded into SafeZone. This function prevented a DNS hijack from affecting the Avast upgrade procedure, hijacking the update process to inject malicious code. However, this also caused a new set of issues, that had to be addressed. Today, the only way I know to remove the SafeZone Browser is to go the device inside the console. Find and open the target system under Network, Devices. By choosing the Components tab, you can see all the installed components. Then, we must turn on the “Customize component installation settings” to enable the ability to install/uninstall the modules. 2 Notice that I have removed Data Shredder, Browser Cleanup, and SafeZone Browser. With the new console (still in BETA), we will have the ability to select the template during installation, and then only install modules that match that policy. SafeZone and SecureDNS are options that are included, but the question then becomes, when will we see this BETA for final release. NOTE: Avast is only 1 of 2 A/V to block the CIA from cracking their program! 3

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