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avast Endpoint Protection Suite – Server installation tips and tricks

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Endpoint Protection Suite Stand Alone Client and Server Installer:   http://files.avast.com/iavs5x/setup_av_eps.exe   File Servers   For servers, I will usually recommend to manually install all servers (custom install) so that you can be 100% in control of every step.  If there are too many servers to manually install, then you must modify the components of the deployment package in the avast! Small Office Administation console and deploy.  In the SOA console, under Admin, Settings, Components, create a light installation package for servers OS’s, which usually consists of the File System Shield only. This is usually the only real protection required for file servers and this is an industry standard best practice. This assumes that the File Server not being used as a workstation. NOTE: DO NOT use the Network Shield on servers (has been known to cause undesireable results).  SharePoint servers should add the SharePoint shield in addition to the File System Shield.  If servers are to be managed (see below), then each server type will require its own group, separate from the managed client group. If servers are NOT to be managed, then use the custom install feature to select the correct shield / shields for that server type. If the server will go online, then it is best to include File System Shield, Web Shield, Behavioral Shield, and Script Shield. Terminal Server protection is best tailored to the function of the clients. At one site, the users remotely access the SQL server, so here only File System Shield would be required. However, I have a site that uses thin clients.  All email and browsing are preformed through the Terminal Server. Proper protection will now include File System Shield, Mail Shield, Web Shield, Behavioral Shield, and Script shield.   Below is our File Server component selection when deploying to a File Server using SOA:       Below is our File Server component selection when custom installing Endpoint Protection Suite to a File Server un-managed:       Below is my File Server component selection when custom installing a File Server managed:   NOTE: the addition of the avast! NetClient module:       When the avast! NetClient component is selected, you see new options @ “Next”:       If you wish to have managed installation prior to the avast! Small Office Administration console, you can use the IP address or DNS name of the computer you wish to use for SOA, or you can use another IP address that does not exist, and change it later.  For this purpose, we always use  This setting can later be changed by Opening avast! at the client, choose Settings, Troubleshooting, avast! Administration Console:       Sincerely,   J.R. Guthrie    “At this point in time, the Internet should be regarded as an Enemy Weapons System!”





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