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Avast Business Installer Advanced Configurations

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Installation packages, when freshly downloaded, have a 30 day trial license automatically embedded, and are the current version

From within your Avast Business console dashboard, choose “Download installer”:

Now from the “Download installer” menu, choose “Advanced settings” at the bottom:

Advanced menu choices are:

  • Installer type (Windows exe / msi  or Mac OSX dmg)
  • Subscription (Antivirus is correct choice for your console)
  • Group and settings template (option to choose which group and settings template policy will be used for this install)
  • Remove competitive antivirus (clear option, as it will not remove existing Avast products)
  • Installer size (always choose full, as the light package requires downloading the full 300MB on every use)
  • Proxy server (which is already defined in the settings template policy)

Please let me know if you need any help, and have a great day!

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