Avast Business Antivirus – How to block all websites except 1 (or the ones you want)

Start by editing the target Settings Template under Device Settings.

Under Active Protection, go to Web Shield, and choose Customize:

Under the Site Blocking tab, check box the Enable site blocking option, and in the “Blocked URL address” windows, insert:

https://* and click add

http://* and click add

do this a 3rd time just adding the single character * and click add:

Now select the Exclusions tab, and check box the Use URLs to exclude option, and in the “URL address” windows, insert:

http://api*.webrep.avast.com/* (should already be there by default)

*.avast.com and Add (Avast update servers)

*.avcdn.net and Add (Avast update servers)

And lastly, add the URL addresses of the websites that you want to have access to: *facebook.com/* and Add

Now save the settings, and when the clients sync to this Settings Templates, they can only navigate to avast.com and facebook.com. All other URLs are blocked!