AVAST 2014 r4 program update allows “opt-out” for promotional popups!

J.R. is very happy to announce AVAST 2014 r4 program update that now allows users to “opt-out” of all of the promotional popups! (build number 9.0.2021)

•Improved the security of Avast processes (guarded by the self defense component)

•Tuned the import settings functionality to not allow bypassing of any protection modules

•We’ve added “resume” support in the setup component, to allow smoother downloads, including program updates

•New anti-spam library (IS/Premier editions) for a higher overall protection rate

•Added warnings during the installation process when there are issues resulting in decreased functionality (missing admin rights, insufficient disk space, etc.), including any incorrect settings from the user that will negatively impact the system’s security

•Option to disable Avast promotion popups (by popular demand, excludes the Free for home edition)

•We’ve performed a full static analysis of our code resulting in stability and performance increases in all components

AVAST 2014 r4 download URLs:




AVAST 2014 r4 cleaner utility:


You can directly install this version over the top of your existing installation (all customization settings are preserved). You may also use the in-product updater by right click the tray icon, then choose updates, program.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated:  https://feedback.avast.com/response/add


J.R.  Guthrie

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